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Few pests are as disconcerting as mice or rats.

They are pretty much the international symbol for an unclean establishment or an unsanitary home. This is somewhat unfortunate as a perfectly hygienic place can become infested very quickly. You have to give them credit, rats and mice are excellent at getting into places where they are not wanted. Adult rats can fit through holes as small as a quarter and mice need even less space to gain access to the interior of a house. Besides being small and sneaky they also have quite a set of teeth in their arsenal. Rats have been known to chew through glass, concrete, lead, aluminum, drywall, and wood. They are sensitive to light, smells and vibration which means that they know you are coming before you have a chance to see them so when you spot one chances are it hasn’t just arrived.


If you have rats or mice then you will probably see a trail or cluster of droppings. They look like small brownish black pellets which can often be found near the holes they use or the food they eat. On average rats produce 40 droppings a day and mice up to 80 so if you have an infestation, you will probably see them.

Gnawed Materials

Rats and mice love to chew. They actually must chew on a regular basis otherwise their teeth will continue to grow to an uncomfortable length. Checking the base boards is a good place to start, but also inspect food packaging as this is the primary reason why they leave their nest.


The coats of rats and mice are covered in a residue from their habitat. This leads to greasy smears where they come into contact with walls, furniture and cabinets.


If you believe you have an infestation, one indication is the noise the rodents create. As they are nocturnal creatures what you will need to do is waiting until the middle of the night, go to where you believe they may be and wait. It should be not too long for the pests to start moving again and then you will hear rustling and scratching.

If you come across a single rodent or indication of rodents in your home or place of work then make sure to contact Accuracy Plus Pest Control, today. We will assess the potential threat and offer you the best solution.

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