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Integrated Pest Management System

Integrated Pest Management by Accuracy Plus

We Asses, We Strategize & Implement, We Monitor!

The main goal of Accuracy Plus to protect the safety of your health, products, your customers and your employees. Poor pest management treatment can be fatal to your reputation. With Accuracy Plus you have peace of mind with our year-round protection and cost effective result driven process. In order to secure it Accuracy Plus use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process.

Its combined with three critical services at every visit to treat pest in your commercial property. It is not a one-time event; we keep monitoring as an ongoing cycle.


The highly trained and experienced inspectors from Accuracy Plus will do the followings on their visit to your commercial property-

  • A thorough assessment of the pest situation in your commercial property;
  • Based on the findings the experts suggest and implement specific, custom tailored, scientific, less toxic solutions;
  • Monitor pest activity to make sure our techniques are working.


Assessment, A Comprehensive Inspection

An inspector from Accuracy Plus will start a thorough inspection to identify the root problem of pest situation in your building. He will try to understand what makes your business unique analyzing the building structure, demography, building code, sanitation system that can be a vital cause of attract pests. He will also try to understand the geography, climate, soil properties and any other conducive to pest activity.


Strategy, Right Treatment for Your Facility

Accuracy Plus doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions that are not simply effective. From pervious inspection and assessment, the experts from Accuracy Plus will develop a custom tailored solution and program that pinpoint your specific needs. Proactive techniques from the expert will comprise with physical exclusion, sanitation and less toxic eco pest control treatment options to help prevent the pest before it becomes a health hazard and effect your business reputation socially and financially. Accuracy Plus expert also provides you a personalized advice and training how to reduce pest “hot spots”. Using latest tools and technology the knowledgeable technicians will advise you how to address pest problem and control measures to make sure that your property is safe from any future infestation.


Monitoring, Ongoing Maintenance Support

Accuracy Plus offers consistent communication and support to keep your building pest FREE all year round. Technicians of Accuracy Plus will be with you on the clock year-round to ensure the effectiveness of your service and monitor the treatement implemented gives you ultimate results for your situation.Under this contract Accuracy Plus expert will keep visiting, he’ll check for signs of pest activity and look for any new conditions that may have developed since his last visit. Most of all a proper documentation of routine check-up and his visiting record and recommendations will be created and maintained day in and day out for an effective pets control management.


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