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Carpenter Ant Removal Orange County CA

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Carpenter Ants are a real pest to any home owner or business. They can destroy the structure of a house, get into your food, and can be very hard to kill because they are so numerous. One of the worst parts about carpenter ants is that they can travel as far away from the nest as 300 feet (almost the size of a football field). This means that it can take a fairly long time to track the ants back to their nest where the extermination process can be implemented. The benefit of this is that if you find carpenter ants in your residence there is a fair chance that the colony is not on the premises.

It is a common misconception that, like termites, carpenter ants feed on wood. In truth, carpenter ants only live in wood as it tends to have the right amount of moisture which they enjoy. Carpenter ants actually feed on living and dead insects, honeydew from aphids, sweets, meat, and fats. But since they live in wood they do eventually ruin its structural integrity. The real kicker about carpenter ants is that the queen can live for up to 25 years which means that if left unchecked they will do nothing but multiply.

There are a few ways to help determine if the nest is on your premises

  • Check for small slits in woodwork where they burrow and small lots of sawdust-like piles around the opening.
  • The best time to observe them is after sunset. Watch them and see where the trails lead.
  • In spring, look to see if there are winged ants attempting to escape to the outdoors.
  • Look for a high volume of ants in a moist areas like under sinks.

If you have an infestation or are worried about the possibility of one call Accuracy Plus Pest Control. We will set it right.

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