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Its That Time Of Year Again

Its That Time Of Year Again

It is the time of year when everyone starts saying “it is getting to be that time of year”. We use that term in the fall, winter, spring and summer. It is generally followed by a declaration of something that is about to happen. In the California exterminator community that declaration is – the bugs are coming. At Accuracy Plus Termite and Pest Control we have a goal to remove that thought from your mind.

Year Round Coverage

The thought of year round maintenance in pest control is something that many do not consider. Much like you can never find the plunger when you have an overflow alert on your toilet, many homeowners simply never think about year round treatments for pests. Think of it this way, what if you could watch that show with the dragons that are chasing the little kids and the bald girl all year round? You would wouldn’t you? Of course you would but unfortunately that is not the way TV works. You have to wait until the next season comes out and then you watch them all at once. In a way, that is how many view exterminator services, they wait until the pests are overtaking the home and then call the pest control company. Much like bingeing on a whole season of zombies that eat drug dealers, getting rid of a full blown pest infestation takes much more time than if you would subscribe to a plan of routine maintenance.

Plan Of Attack

In Southern California, we are gifted with exceptional weather, mild temperatures and many different kinds of bugs. That makes of the perfect storm when it comes to pest infestation. We have termites that will eat your home, rats that will eat anything and cockroaches that are just disgusting. Pest infestations can be a tough thing to go through, particularly if you have a family. It can feel like your home is being taken over and there is nowhere to turn. Situations like this are precisely why a year round regimen of pest control is necessary.

Upon your first call to Accuracy Plus Pest Control you will be introduced to a group of some of the best pest control professionals in the game. We have developed a comprehensive program of year round maintenance in order to accurately control any mystery infestations that may arise. We begin with a thorough evaluation of your home and property, identifying possible features that may make an infestation much more likely.Things we will look for are areas where rodents or bugs can get in, leaks which can attract termites and plants that will harbor insect larvae. All of these conditions are taken into account when we design your personal, year round extermination program. Our ultimate goal is to keep you and your family safe from pests and other nasty critters. Winter may be right around the corner, but it is getting to be that time of year when you need to call Accuracy Plus Termite and Pest Control.

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