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Accuracy Plus, a termite & pest control company provides effective treatment for insect and vermin control in Brea and surrounding areas. Our experienced and licensed technician(s) provide free estimates without obligation, and provides professional suggestions for a speedy removal of unwanted pests in your home. Accuracy Plus, a termite and pest control company offers effective treatment in termite control, roach control, pest control, ant control, rodent control in Orange County.  

Accuracy Plus, A Pest Control Company offering pest and termite control services in Orange County & Brea Area.

As a Brea pest control specialists since 1994, Accuracy has toiled to meet the growing demand in pest control services, both in residential and commercial. Accuracy Plus, a termite and pest control is proud to have grown into the premiere pest control company in and around Brea, CA.  At Accuracy Plus, our orange county pest control specialists understand how frustrating it is to discover a pest infestation in your home where you grow your family. No one wants to face the grim reality of having rats, cockroaches running around inside their walls. It’s not wise to ignore the problem. This is why Accuracy Plus, a termite and pest control company in  Brea is dedicated to offering  information about pests and its custom solution, so that you know what you are up against and can relax, knowing that our pest control specialists from Accuracy Plus have a solution to  save your home from infestation.
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